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New 5 methods for building a sms database

5 Methods for Building a Useful SMS Marketing Database

The “Dos and Don’ts” of Building an Effective SMS Marketing Database

Consumers are using their mobile devices more than ever before, making SMS marketing a potential gold mine for businesses looking to reach current and prospective customers virtually anytime and anywhere. However, if you want to leverage the benefits of SMS marketing, you’ll need to build an effective SMS marketing database first. As with virtually any marketing tactic, your campaign will not live up to its full potential without the proper application of data. However, you may have found that consumers are more reluctant to give up their mobile phone numbers as opposed to email addresses, making SMS data retrieval a more difficult task. Whether you’re new to the SMS marketing game or looking to expand your current SMS marketing database, read on to find out the most effective methods for building or growing your SMS marketing database.

Make it Worthwhile

Consumers tend to have their cell phones within arm’s reach nearly every hour of every day, usually reserving who can contact them to their closest friends, family members and other important contacts. In order for them to share this information with you, you’ll need to give them a good reason. Never use SMS marketing to send information that can be found on your website, social media pages or in an email. After all, texting is one of the most personal ways to communicate, especially from a business-to-consumer perspective. Reserve the use of SMS communication for special reminders or exclusive incentives to only those on your business’s SMS list.

Use Alternate Channels

Utilizing other channels is an effective way to reach out to consumers and request their mobile contact information. For example, sharing a numeric vanity short code through a radio, television or digital ad is an efficient way to build your database with qualified individuals who are interested in your SMS service. A numeric vanity short code is a five or six digit number you choose to be your “phone number” to send and receive messages that is easy to remember, such as “22222” or “23232.”

Scrub Current Databases

If you’ve launched an email marketing campaign or a direct mail campaign, you likely have some type of database already on file. Even though you may not have phone numbers, you can utilize email addresses or home addresses to ask consumers for their mobile data. Sending out postcards or emails with your business’s vanity short code is a good way to acquire mobile data. Consider offering a personalized incentive for those who sign up to receive SMS messages from your brand. Assure consumers that you respect their privacy and won’t share their mobile data or overwhelm them with frequent messages.

Never Make it Mandatory

This may seem like you’re doing the opposite of building your SMS marketing database, but the fact of the matter is that many consumers will be turned off to your business if they think you’re being too intrusive right off the bat. Never make a phone number a required field on any type of marketing correspondence. Instead, have an optional field with special incentives encouraging consumers to opt-in to receive text messages from your business.

Never Buy Mobile Data from a Third Party

Buying and using mobile data from a third party can hurt your brand’s image and reputation while also causing you to spend your advertising dollars on prospective customers who may not be qualified. Aside from the legal consequences that this can entail, sending messages to those who did not consent to receiving them can cause negative responses to your brand’s image.

Find Out More about SMS Marketing and Database Building

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