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The Best PPC Advertising Techniques to Boost Your ROI

The “Secrets” to the Best PPC Advertising Campaign and High ROI

If you’re overwhelmed with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you’re not alone. Many businesses struggle when it comes to running a successful campaign that provides a favorable return on investment (ROI). Whether you don’t have the time to commit to a successful PPC campaign or you’re just not sure what the best PPC advertising techniques are, you can turn non-performing PPC campaigns into profitable ones with the right resources and tactics. Here are some of the best PPC advertising tips and techniques to run a successful PPC campaign that grows your business and ensures maximum ROI.

Utilize Negative Keywords

Negative keywords focus on users that you specifically don’t want to target. They prevent your ad from being served based on a specific word or phrase. For example, a business could put in the names of certain cities as negative keywords to avoid advertising in a specific location. Or, if you want to exclude a certain age group or demographic, you could do so with negative keywords. This is helpful to your campaign because it prevents your ads from being served to unqualified leads who are least likely to purchase from your business, which saves money on your ad spend and increases your ROI.

…And Long-Tail Keywords

Users who are searching for a product or service using three or four word phrases typically are more likely to make a purchase. Since their search is more specific, they are usually further along in the buying cycle than other consumers, resulting in higher conversion rates. Utilizing long-tail keywords is one of the best PPC advertising techniques because there are generally fewer people bidding on those keywords, which means their cost is lower. A low cost combined with high conversion rates will only benefit your ROI.

Don’t Neglect the Landing Page

Imagine clicking on an ad and being directed to a homepage or some other page that is either irrelevant or uninformative. The first thing most consumers do in this situation is leave the page or website entirely, without taking the time to find what they are in search of. A landing page that is not compelling or relevant is a main factor contributing to poor PPC performance. Your landing page should be specifically designed to elaborate on your PPC ad and give the user enough information and incentive to follow through with a desired action. However, more is not always better. Keep your landing page simple, compelling and to-the-point. Unnecessary “fluff” will cause the user to lose interest and click away from your page, ultimately decreasing your ROI and campaign performance.

Go Back to Basics

The call to action (CTA) has always been a fundamental aspect to any advertising method. This is especially true for PPC. When you’re running a PPC campaign, you are likely to have a fair amount of competition. Therefore, you want to include a CTA that stands out and gives users an offer or incentive that they can’t turn down. For example, mention a promotion, such as “Free Shipping” or “Free Trial” in the ad to get their attention. Create a CTA that entices them to click on your ad and learn more. Just make sure your landing page delivers and doesn’t keep them guessing on that particular offer or incentive.

Test, Test, and Test Again

The best PPC advertising campaigns require continuous monitoring and testing in order to be successful. Test and analyze your ads, keywords and landing pages to see what is working and what isn’t. Track when your ads are getting the most traction and adjust the times that they are served as necessary. By restricting impressions during times that are least effective, your ad spend is being spent more wisely, boosting your ROI.

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