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Automated Prospecting Grows Your Business

Drive Sales with Automated Prospecting

New businesses, established businesses and entrepreneurs are constantly seeking one thing: new revenue streams. With the help of automation and web-based software, many marketing and lead acquisition tactics have been streamlined and integrated into other areas of advertising. Look-a-like prospecting and automated prospecting are a few examples of this phenomenon. While there are many marketing techniques that assist in increasing sales with existing and past customers through either traditional or digital methods, the fact remains that if you’re not acquiring new customers, you will always be limiting your business’s growth potential.

The Goldmine of Automated Prospecting

Prospecting in general refers to targeting consumers who genuinely have an interest in your product or service, but what is the best way to find them? The best prospecting strategies can drive high-quality prospects to your website and increase the chance of them becoming customers, but often requires too much time and research to perform optimally. By utilizing look-a-like modeling with automated prospecting strategies, you can drive new prospective customers to your website or business through untapped communication channels.

Look-a-like prospecting or modeling is a form of automated prospecting that gathers data on current customers, such as product attractions, price sensitivities, device usage and other attributes. This data is accrued by tracking their shopping behaviors, whether online or in store. The data is then used to find prospective customers who have not done business with you yet and display behaviors and characteristics similar to your current customers.  Since this form of automated prospecting targets consumers who look and act like existing customers, you can be sure you are attracting valuable high quality prospects.

For Prospecting Help, Contact Strategic Marketing

Successful prospecting strategies require time and resources, which most companies simply do not have. This results in many businesses turning to agencies to manage their prospecting campaigns so they can focus on running their business. Strategic Marketing is well-versed in automated prospecting strategies and can help you acquire genuinely high quality leads that are likely to convert into customers.

Through creative thinking and extensive industry knowledge, our marketing specialists have what it takes to get your business in front of valuable prospects and get their attention. To learn more about automated prospecting and how your business can benefit from it, contact us today!