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marketing small businesses

Advantages of Marketing Small Businesses

Marketing Small Businesses: Being Small is Better Than You Think

If you’re under the impression that your small business can’t reach your target audience as effectively as a big business, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Small businesses tend to possess more of the qualities that customers are looking for, qualities that appeal to consumers on a more personal level. This means marketing small businesses requires a much different strategy than marketing large businesses. Before you’re tricked into following the marketing strategies of big businesses, read on and find out the competitive advantages of marketing small businesses, and why being a small business can be your biggest asset.

Connections with Your Community

Consumers appreciate businesses that have close ties to their community because it shows a more personal side to your company. Larger businesses and corporations often struggle to establish a strong local presence because they are so tied up in making sure their different locations or many employees are meeting company standards and protocol. As a small business, there are more opportunities for you to make appearances in community events or spread the word of your business just by being there. Making these efforts to connect with those in your community proves to consumers that your small business has great intentions that aren’t solely focused on getting their money. For example, partnering with a local non-profit organization or participating in a community 5K can greatly improve your brand’s image among consumers that are in your area, while not taking up too much time or money.

Connections with Your Customers

Customer experience plays a major role in determining whether or not customers return to your business with positive thoughts, which goes beyond delivering adequate customer service. Customers want to feel “wowed” by a business’s ability to exceed their expectations, and as a small business, it is much easier for you to go above and beyond to ensure their experience with your brand is nothing short of outstanding. Establishing a personal connection with customers can help to truly convince them that you’re just as sincere and loyal to them as you hope they will be to your business. After all, loyal customers tend to be more credible than a paid spokesperson. For instance, encouraging customer reviews is a great way to establish your brand’s trustworthiness to prospective customers, while maintaining strong connections with your current customers.

Knowledge of Your Market

Due to the close ties your small business has with your current and prospective customers within your community, you tend to know more about your target market without having to spend large sums of money and time on market research. The close proximity your business has to your market allows you to become very familiar with your target audience more quickly and easily than that of large businesses and corporations. As a small business, you can test out new ideas or gain more insight simply by talking to consumers that walk through your doors. Handing out survey forms in store or simply having casual conversations with customers will help you gain more knowledge of what they are looking for.

Marketing Small Businesses is What We Do

At Strategic Marketing, we understand the importance of capturing your small business’s personality and using that to your advantage, whether online or offline. We have the knowledge and experience in all forms of traditional and digital marketing strategies, so you can be sure you’re small business is in good hands. We carefully assess your goals and marketing needs to determine the best course of action to grow your brand. For more information on marketing small businesses or to speak with a marketing specialist, contact us today by calling (561) 688-8155, or fill out the contact form on our website.