Widen + Kennedy Promote 24 Hours to Go Broke - Strategic Marketing

Widen + Kennedy Promote 24 Hours to Go Broke

Here is an original and humorous ad campaign that is sure to get consumers’ attention. A new series on the UKTV network called 24 Hours to Go Broke features celebrities being required to find ways to get rid of cash within a small time period. In line with the theme of the show, Widen + Kennedy’s ad strategy involved finding ways to waste the client’s money on unlikely (yet undeniably creative) advertising.

Some of the ads include footage of absurd/hilarious strategies such as sponsoring the worst soccer team in the UK, paying a farmer to use his cows as billboards, and bribing pedestrians in London to shave their beards (and subsequently using the trimmings as billboard lettering). Perhaps not the most hygienic form of advertising, but it certainly won’t go unnoticed.