Common PPC Advertising Mistakes-Why Pay-Per-Click Fails

What Not to do With PPC Advertising

ppc advertising mistakes

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can help companies increase sales and grow their business. Even though PPC advertising can drastically help your business expand in your industry, it can also cost your business thousands of dollars in wasted budget if you aren’t managing your campaign properly. Below are some of the most common mistakes you’ll want to avoid which often prevent companies from getting the optimal results with PPC advertising.


Unappealing Ad Copy / Design

Many PPC ads are very similar in layout, content and structure. If your ad resembles that of your competitors, why should users click on your ad over the others? Are you promoting the same product or service as your competitors just at a different price? Researching competitors’ ads are helpful to guide you in a certain direction, but designing an ad that stands out and highlights something that is exclusive to your business will win you the clicks.

Also, strategically plan what you will promote in your ad and make sure the copy pertains to the keywords selected. Consumers are looking for businesses to solve their problems, so your ad needs to clearly communicate the solution. If your ad isn’t addressing their needs, your prospective customer will click on an ad that is more relevant.

Overloading on Keywords

Many companies think that the more keywords they bid on, the more chances they have at increasing conversions; however, that is not necessarily the case. Bidding on extra keywords can cause you to overspend without increasing your campaign’s performance. Ways to avoid this scenario are to eliminate poor performing keywords altogether and avoid using the broad match modifier. Focusing on keywords that produce conversions and actually drive sales is more cost effective when it comes to controlling your ad spend.

Poor Call and Analytics Tracking

If you can’t measure your results, how do you know your PPC advertising campaign is performing? Properly configuring your campaign analytics will let you know what keywords or ads are driving conversions, so you can know if you are spending money on what works, not what doesn’t. This will ensure you are getting the highest return on your investment.

You should also be monitoring and tracking calls that are a result of your PPC ads. Phone traffic is largely responsible for gaining or increasing sales for many companies. Since your ad copy and the landing page associated with the ad should always contain contact information, you’ll want to keep track of what it is that encourages consumers to go a step further and contact your business.


PPC Advertising by Strategic Marketing

If your pay-per-click strategies are not giving you the results you want, Strategic Marketing can help optimize your campaign to ensure you are getting the highest return on your PPC investment. Our pay-per-click platform, SmartClick, manages your PPC advertising campaign across all major search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

Some features of our platform include:

  • Automatic optimization of and bidding on keywords that are generating conversions, not just clicks, 24/7
  • Comprehensive analytics and tracking of impressions, clicks, emails, form fills and web events
  • Complete reporting and accountability available on a user-friendly dashboard
  • Phone call recording for sales assessment and for your internal training purposes


With our platform, you can make sure your budget is being used in the most effective way possible. Our experienced team can manage your campaign to make sure you don’t fall victim to common PPC advertising mistakes that can cost your business customers and sales. Contact us today to get started on a pay-per-click campaign that exceeds your expectations.

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