Weaving Public Relations into your Digital Presence - Strategic Marketing

Weaving Public Relations into your Digital Presence

With the boom of social media, most businesses have leaped into the digital space to add to their marketing mix. And with the rapidly changing digital landscape, it’s challenging to keep up. The phrase “content marketing” has replaced the well-established term “editorial content,” but if you want to create a buzz around your business, public relations still provides a big bang for your buck.

Here are some suggestions:

Weave your public relations efforts into your social media plan to maximize your exposure.

  • Update your media contact database – take a close look at your local news sources and add new ones; identify national and trade publications that can be added.
  • Update email addresses – people move around! Make sure your emails are landing in the correct inbox.
  • Utilize Twitter – make sure you are following each of the publications in your database.
  • Ditto for LinkedIn – many professionals use this social channel for news in their industry.

Once you’ve brought your list up to date, confirm with your sources how they prefer to receive press releases. Some are now accepting releases via the social channels.

Build your press release calendar. Planning to write one press release per month would be a good starting point. Ask yourself what’s new and newsworthy about your business.

  • Are you offering a new service?
  • Or allowing a sneak peek of a new product launch?
  • Do you have a new staff member with impressive credentials?
  • In which community activities will your business participate?
  • Has your business received an award or industry recognition?

Send your press release out to your media database and watch the results! Social media has provided opportunities for publications to mention lots of quick blurbs of news and drive traffic to their websites. Feed your sources a steady diet of your company’s news and watch the publicity you’ll garner. Soon your brand will have high online visibility, and you’ll establish your business as an authority in your field—all for the low cost of a grass roots publicity campaign.