Want More Brand Ambassadors? Here’s How: - Strategic Marketing

Want More Brand Ambassadors? Here’s How:

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him perfectly and sells itself.       -Peter Drucker

When you achieve the dynamic of providing a prospective customer with exactly what they need, you have the opportunity to build a customer for life. And a loyal customer is your best advertising. They will refer your business every time they have the chance because you created a memorable experience.

When you stay relevant and valuable, your customers become your brand ambassadors.
When you stay relevant and valuable, your customers become your brand ambassadors.

But customer loyalty can be fleeting. You have to provide the excellence each and every time. Each experience of purchasing your product or service has to be exceptional.

Take the local car wash. At your first visit, you were greeted quickly and pleasantly, the service was fast and efficient, payment was painless and you drove away with a shining vehicle. You knew this was where you’d be going for your next car wash. Two weeks later, at the same establishment, you’re greeted by Grumpy, you wait 20 minutes and are then charged for vacuuming – which they did not do! Your impression of this place is changed forever and you look for another car wash for next time. This is a classic example that repeats itself across all industries.

Treating your customers like gold gives you the edge over your competition. There are many ways to provide a memorable experience leading up to and at the time of the sale. Genuine interest and kindness cannot be faked, yet these two qualities are often overlooked in the busy-ness of the day.

You can really shine and build your customers’ loyalty after the sale – simply by keeping in touch. Build your VIP list and continue to keep your brand’s personality in the forefront of their minds. Offer a monthly special for your A-List only, announce a new product or service, tell them about your company’s involvement in community events, give them trending business news. Giving valuable information to your customers keeps your company relevant.

When you stay relevant and valuable, your customers become your brand ambassadors. It’s classic word-of-mouth advertising, and in today’s world its importance is magnified by the growing significance of online reviews. Real people share their real feedback on the Internet for the world to see and read. And people trust what others are saying about their experiences.

Allow Strategic Marketing to assist in building your brand ambassadors. With traditional and digital marketing strategies, we will devise a campaign to revolve around your customers, so they will revolve around you.