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Video Advertising Your Business Needs to be Doing Online

Online video advertising is an increasingly popular outlet for marketers and advertisers looking to connect with those not tuning into their favorite TV stations on a regular basis. Video ads are a more engaging method for brands to tell their stories to today’s massive audience on the internet, as opposed to written content alone.


  1. In-stream Video Advertising


In-stream video ads display content before, during or after an online video. Typically lasting 15 to 30 seconds, many in-stream ads can be skipped after only 5 seconds, so the ad should have a strong call to action (CTA) as early as possible or have content that will quickly impact the user and keep them engaged in your message. With in-stream ads, it is a good idea to direct traffic to other pieces of content on your website or on other pages, such as social media, that elaborate on your brand or the particular message your business is trying to send.


  1. Display Video Advertising


Display video ads allow your brand to convey video content within banner ads to a targeted audience online, typically those who have visited a certain website or searched a particular keyword. Display ads are an effective way to engage users because they have already conveyed interest in a product or service your business offers. When incorporating video into your display ads, you are increasing the likelihood of users engaging with your content and increasing your conversion rate.


  1. Social Video Advertising


Social media introduced advertisers to a much larger realm of reaching prospective customers and connecting with target audiences. Video ads within social media platforms can be easily integrated into other posts allowing your content to reach a larger audience. Your videos can be easily shared, increasing their reach even further. Since users expect social media content to be more interesting and informative than standard promotional advertising, social video ad content should be tailored around the interests of your audience rather than the needs of your business.


Video ads can build connections with your prospective customers and are highly effective story telling media for your brand. Strategic Marketing has the tools to create compelling video that is sure to engage your audience. With our extensive experience in every type of media outlet, we are able to make the most out of your video marketing dollars and strive to provide you with the highest return on your investment. Contact us today to learn how your company can benefit from video marketing.

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