The Value of Hashtags to Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

The Value of Hashtags to Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Why Use Hashtags?

If you’re running a social media marketing campaign, you may have wondered if there is any real value to utilizing hashtags in your posts. Even though there are several different ways to use this powerful symbol across social platforms, it takes strategic thinking and a mindful approach to make them effective. Whether you’re a small business, large corporation or a nonprofit organization, hashtags are important and can help your brand connect with your target audience. Whatever type of demographic your brand is aiming to reach on social media, hashtags can help. Here’s how hashtags are valuable to your social media marketing strategy and why your brand should be using them.

Increase Visibility

Millions of users are on social media every hour of every day, and whether they’re looking for specific content or just catching up on trending topics, hashtags are great for helping brands get noticed, and they give your brand an opportunity to engage with new consumers. Whether they’re on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, consumers can find desired content by searching a particular hashtag. If your social media posts contain this hashtag, the consumer could travel through to your social page. This increases your visibility among social media platforms, which can also contribute to an increase in overall online visibility across major search engines.

Gain Relevant Followers

When your online visibility increases, so does your audience. However, this can also contribute to an increase in irrelevant traffic. As with any marketing and advertising strategy, relevancy is key to boosting conversions, and social media marketing is no exception. Unless you’re running a paid social advertising campaign where you’re able to target a specific audience, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll have followers with low intent to learn more about your brand or contact you. Utilizing hashtags in your posts helps to make sure your page is being found by relevant social media users organically. For example, if you’re trying to reach participants at a certain event, you could hashtag the event. The same is true for trending topics. If you know which topics your target audience is interested in, you could use those topics as hashtags in relevant posts.

Assist in Branding Efforts

Hashtags can contribute to your overall branding efforts. All types of businesses and organizations can use social media to establish their brands within online and offline communities, and hashtags can help set the tone for how consumers perceive your brand. The types of posts and hashtags you use on social media can help establish your brand’s voice. You can also boost brand recognition and build relationships with your audience by using your brand name in hashtags, as well.

Tips for Using Hashtags in Social Media Marketing

Incorporating hashtags into your social media strategy may seem simple, but there are some guidelines and tricks to making sure they’re effective. Below are some tips for making the best use of hashtags in your social media efforts.

Research First

It’s always best to do a little research before employing hashtags in your posts. You don’t want to unknowingly associate your brand with conversations or topics that are better left alone. Doing some research can help prevent your brand from getting involved with controversial issues that can turn away prospective followers and customers.

Less is More

Don’t overuse hashtags by placing many of them in a single post. Having too many hashtags can cause confusion and take away from the message you’re trying to get across. Remember to keep it simple and relevant to both your brand and your post.

Proper Formatting

Avoid replacing entire sentences with hashtags or using them within your message. Since hashtags are great for organizing and categorizing your social content, you want to keep them short and distinctive. If you’re using a multi-word hashtag, it’s a good idea to capitalize the first letter of each word so it’s easier for you and your audience to read. It’s also best practice to place hashtags at the end of posts.

Be Conscious of the Platform

Certain social media platforms are better suited for particular types of audience targeting and messaging. For instance, Facebook offers more flexibility when it comes to content length than Twitter. In terms of targeting, businesses looking to appeal to professionals or other organizations would find the most success on LinkedIn. Since your messaging is tailored to the social platform you’re using, be sure to follow this principle when it comes to using hashtags, as well.

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