Truck Talk for Women - Strategic Marketing

Truck Talk for Women

A new marketing strategy for major car companies is targeting women. Once stereotyped as only soccer moms in mini vans, women and cars are taking on a whole new meaning. Women are becoming the number one consumers of vehicles in the U.S spending around $300 Billon on new and used cars, along with accessories, even surpassing men in the amount of licensed drivers on the road.

Gearing new ads towards “empowering women”, companies like, Cadillac and Nissan are promoting sleek vehicles for classy women to go about their day. It’s not just about picking up the kids or shopping for groceries, these women are in expensive suits being a high class lawyer or business women. The men in these commercials are jealous of the women who has it all, the job, the family and this new souped-up car.

According to Marc Bland, VP-diversity and inclusion for IHS Automotive Automakers, “Women are the fastest growing consumer group. Companies, like Buick and the Food Network are taking advantage of this change and teamed up at recent food and wine festivals. By featuring both expensive food and new cars they were able to market to what women are interested in. Last year, Ford even hosted an event called “Rent The Runway” which presented a dress rental company while promoting the new Ford Fusion.
The soccer mom persona is a thing of the past. Car companies are expanding their strategies and targeting women in a new and more effective way.