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Thrillist Paves the Way in Experiential Marketing

Here is a new trend in advertising. According to Adweek, experiential marketing is on the rise, particularly at events such as the Best Day of Your Life, a summer food and drink festival in New York’s East Village, and the Electronic Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.
Online publisher, Thrillist, annually hosts Best Day of Your Life as a method of promoting its products while attendees are enjoying the summer day. The event is a 12- location tour whose activities depend on the sponsor involved. For instance, Showtime is sponsoring a location where there will be whiskey tastings and competitions with top pool players. Thanks to this event, Thrillist has been able to get people talking about its online publication and drive its revenue.

Thrillest and other marketers are finding that experiential marketing allows businesses to engage more directly with their consumers. It doesn’t just temporarily grab attention like a well-placed and interesting ad can–it is memorable and interactive.