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“The Moment” by, Dicks Sporting Goods

Every athlete thrives on winning “The Moment”. Whether its bottom of the 9th, bases are loaded, and the winning run is on third, or the final foul shot determining the winner of the big rivalry. You practice, condition and mentally prepare for this moment every day on the court, the field or in the arena.

Dicks Sporting Goods has captured “The Moment” in a big way, letting you know they have the equipment and gear you need to win. This captivating ad won Gold at the Cannes Lions Festival in Film Craft. The ad captures the emotions of all types of athletes from basketball to swimming. Everyone can relate to this ad whether you’re a teenager in high school or a father reliving his glory days, every athlete lives for “The Moment.”

From professionals to high school athletes this ad shows the real drama and emotions going through their heads. They want to be the big hero and sink that last putt or score the tie breaking goal. The ad captures the blood, sweat and tears leading up to this big moment. Knowing you have trained for this moment, you are ready to become a hero and win.

The goal of this ad was to get parents and kids excited for fall sports. Its message: by gearing up with Dicks Sporting Goods, you know your child has the right tools to become the hero you know they can be. “The Moment” will come, will you be prepared? Be a hero, seize “The Moment”.