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The Internet and News Channels

According to recent surveys, a lot of people are now using the Internet as their primary news source. Why are people choosing to go online to get the news instead of just watching it on TV? I think the answer is quite simple: immediate user control.

For example, TV news channels have regular segments and articles, but they can only air them one at a time. As a result, the viewer has to wait several minutes to see the news they actually want to hear. In contrast, with news sites online, you can read and watch the content that you are interested in right away, with the click of a button, or even on your smart phone. Plus, most news sites have quality audio and video files uploaded to their pages and made accessible to the user in a matter of moments.

Also, there are a large number of subscription news feeds that will allow the user to receive updates in real time. Big names in broadcast news now have apps that give easy access to the content of their site, specially designed for the functionality and visibility of your smart phone. These applications can send “push notifications” to the screen of your phone and alert you of breaking news stories.

Then, there are many millennials who think watching TV is the old-fashioned way to get the latest news. If you add that to the fact that many entertainment programs are now readily available online, it only follows that those users would turn to the web for news updates as well.

Most of the major news channels are aware of this trend, and therefore want to accommodate this new viewer demographic by making their websites as appealing and interactive as possible with easy navigation and user friendliness.

It may be a while before we see the demise of TV news channels; they still generate lots of money through cable packages and provide a more familiar way for older generations to watch the news. The longevity and professionalism of the major news networks adds authority and authenticity to the stories covered on those channels.

Nonetheless, with the introduction of Internet television, many news channels will have to eventually migrate to a web-based platform in order to remain competitive and popular with future generations.