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The Importance of Online Reviews to Organic Search Traffic

importance of online reviews

Your customer’s thoughts and opinions about your company are ultimately what shape your brand’s reputation, and what others think about your business plays a huge part in its success. Reviews are a primary factor in earning or missing out on a sale, and search engines make it easy for prospective customers to see these reviews instantaneously. With reviews playing such a large role in consumer purchase decisions and with search engines recognizing the importance of online reviews, this makes them very important to your local search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

There are a few main reasons why online reviews are crucial to local SEO success. The more positive reviews your business has, the more likely you are to rank high in the local search results. Having more positive reviews also contributes to an increase in website traffic, which can lead to more sales. For example, if a prospective customer is comparing your business to an otherwise equal competitor, the business that has valuable and high quality reviews will most likely win the potential sale. Below are some factors associated with the importance of online reviews and organic search traffic.

Not All Review Platforms Are Created Equal

Not all platforms share reviews to other review websites and search engines. Some review platforms keep reviews exclusive to their sites, which may hinder the number of prospective customers that see your reviews. Additionally, popular search engines, such as Google, deem some review platforms to be more valuable to their results than others. In other words, if your business has reviews on certain review platforms, you’re in the running for higher visibility on local search results. Yelp, Foursquare, Citysearch and the online Yellow Pages are considered to be some of the more prestigious platforms by search engines; however, increasing your reviews on many different platforms will have the most benefit to your organic search ranking.

Reviews Are Important, But They Aren’t Everything

We know the importance of online reviews and their contribution to local and organic search results, but they aren’t the only factor considered when search engines rank their results. Your website design, social media involvement and your content marketing strategies are a few factors that carry substantial weight in organic search traffic. However, the great thing about reviews is that you can integrate them with your social media strategies, for example, and generating new reviews adds to your business’s sources of unique and updated content. This is why the content of your reviews matters greatly to your organic search success. Not only will prospective customers expect valuable information from reviews, but search engines will rank those with higher quality reviews above those with lesser quality reviews.

Strategic Marketing Knows the Importance of Online Reviews

The importance of online reviews goes beyond your brand’s reputation. Many different factors work together to illustrate the value and importance of online reviews and their content. At Strategic Marketing, we have review generation and reputation management solutions that can increase your search visibility while allowing your business the potential to increase online traffic and sales.

Our platform offers an easy to use dashboard where all of your reviews are available to you in one central location. SmartRep will reach out to your customers and funnel the reviews as they come in, automatically disbursing positive reviews to your website as well as Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Negative reviews are redirected back to you to deal so you can respond to and repair the customer’s negative experience. Contact us today to learn more about SmartRep and the importance of online reviews.

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