The Best PPC Strategy | Don't Waste Money on the #1 Ad Position

The Best PPC Strategy: Don’t Waste Money on the #1 Ad Position

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Is Your PPC Strategy Costing You?

Many assume that when it comes to pay-per-click (PPC), the goal is to win the number one position among the paid ads. While being in the number one position can’t hurt if you’re only taking into account visibility, it may be hurting your budget and costing you to spend more for a lower return on investment (ROI). Ultimately, your PPC strategy needs to reflect conversions and profitability, and the number one ad is typically the one that will cost the most. Depending on your industry and competition, the best PPC strategy and the one that offers the highest ROI may be to avoid the top ad position.

Stretch Your Budget by Controlling Ad Placement

If you’re paying too much to appear in the top ad position and are not seeing the results you’ve hoped for, then you should consider adjusting your PPC strategy in terms of ad placement. Search engines typically provide four or five paid ads at the top of the search engines results page (SERPs), so many businesses are under the impression that landing the top spot means other ads are more likely to be ignored. However, studies show that the top three ads that get 41% of clicks on the SERPs. This means that if your ad is in position two or three, you will still see an ample number of clicks and traffic to your website while spending less. In other words, you will get more value out of your PPC campaign at a lower cost.

Industry Matters

When it comes to determining the best PPC strategy, you also need to take into account your competitors in the industry. For example, if your business is a local furniture store and you’re bidding against larger corporations, you don’t want to exhaust your budget by bidding against those with bigger pocketbooks because chances are you won’t win. By knowing when to let go of the top ad position you will improve your campaign and boost your ROI.

Need More Help with Your PPC Campaign?

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