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Tech Connect – How Connected are You?

The launch of the Apple Watch last week sparked considerable speculation about the future of wearable technology. Sleek design and multiple lifestyle features makes the Apple Watch look like a must-add to one’s wish list.

Where does this purchase fit in amongst all the current and upcoming technological advances? Just 20 years ago, it was novel to think that a personal computer would be standard household equipment. Now we each have not only a PC, but a laptop, smartphone and tablet. Each device serves a purpose separately and link together to make us more productive and provide ultimate convenience.

These essential tools now link the internet to our homes, vehicles and other gadgets like the wearables Apple Watch and Google Glass. Data from a Nielsen study confirms what everybody knows – that users of these technologies are on the rise, with even more future intenders.

Connected cars, for example, are desirable for the entertainment value they provide to passengers, the increased productivity for the driver while on the road and the overall ‘cool’ factor adding to the luxury of the vehicle.

Connected homes currently include features like remote utility access (such as turning on the A/C while on the way home), remote lights on or off and remote door lock or security system engagement. These serve as ultimate peace of mind and safety.
Wearables provide on-the-go convenience and the ability to naturally self monitor many health and fitness interests. While these are relatively the newest gadgets, the possibilities they promise are very desirable.

Levels of awareness in connected technologies is on the rise – the Nielsen report shows future intenders of connected cars at 6%, homes at 6% and wearables at 5%. Do these seem like small numbers? Compare it to the tablet – in 2011, adoption was at 5% and is now at 33%.

Further, the number of internet searches from mobile devices continues to grow. Businesses must embrace this huge shift and make sure their strategies encompass not only traditional, but emerging digital strategies as well.