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Super Bowl Teasers

It is interesting how every year’s Super Bowl advertising strategy evolves. It used to be very secretive and no one wanted anyone else to know what they would be rolling out on Super Bowl Sunday. While that is still true to some extent, every year we see more previews of what ad campaigns are to come. We not only know who is running ads during the Super Bowl, but we even know what creative they’re going to be rolling out.

Companies run “teasers,” commercials previewing their Super Bowl commercials, which are uploaded onto YouTube so they can be viewed by the public, shared on social media and blogged about. Super Bowl advertising in the digital age has created its own hype machine.

Case in point: Wonderful Pistachios chose comedian, Stephen Colbert, to star in their “Get Crackin’, America” Campaign, which they’re kicking off with two game-day ads. From there, the ads will continue throughout 2014 per their year-long contract with Colbert. Still, they have released two previews featuring Colbert talking about his excitement in anticipation of the Super Bowl ads. With this self-aware shtick, Wonderful Pistachios has released an amusing, 22-second teaser with Colbert, as well as a “behind-the-scenes” interview w Colbert, where he addresses his feelings about being chosen for the Super Bowl commercial.

Marc Seguin, the marketing chief for Wonderful Pistachios parent, Paramount Farms, commented on the campaign stating, “Mr. Colbert is the perfect fit for our brand and for this campaign.” Their strategy is building off of last year’s Super Bowl ads which were effective for brand awareness. “This year, we wanted to extend and deepen that enthusiasm beyond the Super Bowl, with talent that excites and resonates with our core consumer target over the full year.”

A television ad during the Super Bowl runs about $4 million, these days. It’s no wonder marketing machines are milking the spotlight, as long as they don’t over-serve their target audience.