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Subaru – The Art of Emotional Appeal

It’s hard to miss the extremely successful TV ad campaign Subaru has been running. With a series of ads that have widespread appeal, Subaru has succeeded where so many companies miss the mark. Subaru has mastered the art of making an emotional connection with their target audience.

And the theme is simple, really. It’s all about LOVE. Partner love, pet love, kid love, family love – the ads make you feel all warm and fuzzy. The tagline spells it out “Love, it’s what makes a Subaru a Subaru” and makes us yearn for that elusive, coveted emotion.

The young couple with outdoorsy toys strapped to the rooftop rack of their Subaru. They’ve had an amazing weekend in the wild outdoors and are glowing in happiness as they arrive home in their Subaru.

The mom who reminisces “She grew up in the back of my Subaru” while admiring her pre-teenaged, adorable daughter. Yes, the one with the preteen attitude. “What?” Daughter says repeatedly, breaking Mom’s reverie.

The newlyweds who pick up their new puppy in their Subaru. We watch the adventures as the family expands with kids and the pup grows into an older, and increasingly arthritic, dog.  We yearn to be part of that happy family.

Even their most serious ad makes us feel good. The two words, “They lived”, is really all that’s needed along with the imagery of a totaled vehicle and the individuals who were riding in it – each family member without a scratch. Subaru’s message rivals the auto industry’s brand that is synonymous with safety – Volvo.

The campaign results? Subaru has posted double digit earnings with the Love Campaign, during a period of time that most American companies are suffering declines.

Check out the commercial below for a chuckle. What other campaigns do you connect with? How can you capture the emotional connection to engage with your target audience?