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Marketers Welcome Generation Y

Marketers are salivating as the affluent Generation Y spring breakers descend upon the beaches from Florida in the east to Texas out west. What makes this group so appealing as consumers?

First, their sheer numbers – hundreds of thousands of them come to soak up the sun and fun in bikini land.

Second, this demo is almost exclusively 18-24 and a message can be highly targeted to make a strong impact on them. While this demographic has traditionally been resistant to traditional advertising, marketers have several factors in their favor. The students are on vacation, and when you are on vacation everything slows down and you become more receptive to advertising. Advertisers who manage to get their brand out in front of the spring breakers have the potential to create positive associations with their brand and the fun memories these students will carry with them back to school.

Most of the students who head south for spring break are trendsetters. They bring along their friends and involve them in their purchasing decisions.

Another reason this demo is so attractive to marketers is that they are impulsive. Combine this with the fact that mommy and daddy have lined their pockets with money that they aren’t likely to be taking back with them on the plane, and there will be spending.

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