So Are You the Pasta Cooker or the Soap? - Strategic Marketing

So Are You the Pasta Cooker or the Soap?

Choosing the best advertising campaign strategy for your business can depend on many variables, but a few factors that will always come into play are your product, your image and your budget. In our last two blog posts, Dove soap and a pasta cooker were used to highlight different approaches to effective messaging. Dove is part of a multibillion-dollar global family of brands, so Dove’s advertising budget is relatively large. The majority of companies work with more constrained budgets and therefore will not have Dove’s creative freedom and resources. However, a restrictive budget doesn’t automatically rule out room for creativity. It just depends on what you’re selling and how you want to build your brand.

Some things to consider when planning your strategy:

  • Does your product lend itself to conceptually creative advertising or would it benefit more from a straightforward message?
  • Do you have room in your budget for experimentation?
  • Are you open to testing various types of media? Maybe your advertising dollars will stretch further on the radio or in print than they will on TV, or maybe the internet is where you should be advertising.

There is more than one way to get your message across; the options are rapidly changing with the pace of technology. Finding the right advertising strategy for your business is just a matter of carefully weighing all the factors to determine what will work best for you to reach your customers most effectively.