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Showing up in Search Results Takes Strategy

There are billions of people on the planet, and every single of them experiences things differently and goes about their daily lives differently. This means that the user experience for one person online is unlikely to be exactly the same as another person. Search results on Google and Bing are proof of this.

Research shows that as of 2015, 60 million US search engine users are loyal to Bing and will use it exclusively. These users all fall under a different demographic than Google users, and because of that their mindsets are different. What this means for search engine listings and online marketing is that consumers will tend to use different keywords when looking for the same thing. Conversely, the same keywords might pull up two entirely different sets of search results on Bing and Google. Many opportunities are being missed to place ads in front of consumers who are ready to purchase. 33% of searches found on the Bing Network are not conducted on Google at all, and a large number of those have been found to have both high consumer intent and ad clicks. This ultimately results into tens of millions of clicks that aren’t being fully capitalized on.

Because of this, any business that wants to make sure that they show up on the search results of all major search engines can’t just rest on its laurels and use the same keywords across all their search engine campaigns. While Google holds the majority of the market share, other search engines account for over 30% of all searches. By neglecting to tailor PPC campaigns to these other search engines, businesses are missing out on a considerably large portion of consumers. To be effective, keywords must be carefully chosen for each specific search engine.

SmartClick, our search engine optimization program can help you do this with precision and efficiency. SmartClick will automatically optimize keyword performance across all platforms, so your ads show up in search results on all search engines.

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