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Shark Week Takes a Bite Out of Marketing

The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is making a big splash in social media and marketing. After its 29 million viewer premiere, this year’s Shark Week is trending with over 10 million interactions on Facebook alone. Big names like Dunkin Donuts, Hot Pockets and Gillete our sinking their teeth into Shark Week marketing.

Food and beverage companies like Southern Comfort, Dunkin Donuts, Hot Pockets and even Cap’n Crunch have taken to Twitter to promote their products with a Shark Week twist. Hot Pockets has creatively discovered a new species of shark the “Hot Pocket Head,” resembling the terrifying hammerhead shark, while Dunkin Donuts is “Stirring up a Sipping Frenzy.”

Gillete is already the sponsor of this year’s Shark Week and are promoting their new Flexball razor. By comparing the up-close shave of the Flexball razor to the close, underwater action on the shark cam, they are taking full advantage of the Shark Week buzz. Another cosmetic company, Lush, known for lavish, bath, hair and body products, teamed up with the United Conservationists to raise awareness of shark finning. By creating a PSA campaign and limited edition shark fin soap, Lush and this non-profit organization plan to raise money for shark habitat preservation.

Automobile companies, like Volkswagen and Nissan, are riding the Shark Week waves with television and YouTube commercials. Nissan is promoting its 2015 Nissan Rogue in Canada by creating a documentary called “In Search of Canada’s Rogue Shark,” after reports of sharks swimming in Lake Ontario. Volkswagen will be showcasing its 2015 Golf TDI Clean Diesel, to promote environmentally friendly cars, in the name of environmental conservation.

With Shark Week circling televisions and computers all over the world, marketers are sure to have a feeding frenzy. Tune into Shark Week and discover what deals lie beneath the ocean.