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Samsung Bruises Apple’s iPhone 6 Reputation

It’s no secret that competing with Apple products can be difficult. The iPhone was ahead of its time in the era of flip phones, but other companies are catching up. A recent ad released by Samsung pokes fun of the allegedly empty promises of the iPhone 6.

Two men sitting in a coffee shop discussing Instagram posts sets the scene for Samsung’s marketing team repeatedly mocks Apple products. The man with the Galaxy laughs at the slow search engine and small screen of the iPhone user, who immediately gets defensive and says Apple is planning on making them with bigger screens. Then his friend turns to him and says “You know that thing you’ve been waiting on for like two years and how it’s supposed to be awesome and how it’s going to blow your mind? Well it’s been here this whole time.”

Well the Galaxy user makes a good point. We are all waiting for Apple’s next big thing which Samsung has it already on the market. Are people just caught up with having the iPhone for the brand name? This isn’t the only Samsung ad bruising Apple’s reputation, over the years they have constantly poked fun at their products with ads like, “ iPuppets”, which targets the iPad.

Will this actually make Samsung more successful or will people continue to buy brand name Apple products? Seems like Apple users might actually get “Screen Envy” unless, the new iPhone is bigger and better.