Quiz: Is Your Business a Social Butterfly or Stuck in a Cocoon? - Strategic Marketing

Quiz: Is Your Business a Social Butterfly or Stuck in a Cocoon?

Quiz: Is Your Business a Social Butterfly or Stuck in a Cocoon?

1. My business has been on Facebook:
a) for quite some time now
b) it’s not yet, but I’d like it to be
c) I thought Facebook was only good for looking at pictures of my sister’s neighbor’s hairdresser’s nephew

2. My Pinterest boards:
a) are filled with pictures of my best-selling products and inspirations/ideas
b) aren’t really built up yet
c) What’s Pinterest?

3. My SEO guy is:
a) the best; I can’t believe how much he’s increased my website traffic
b) really hard to get on the phone
c) I need an SEO guy?

4. My company’s profile on LinkedIn:
a) has accurate contact information, a description of my business and links to my website and blog
b) is somewhat up to date
c) I thought LinkedIn was just for salespeople and job seekers

If you answered “C” to any of the above, your business is missing out on the benefits of engaging in social media and internet marketing. Social media, which once stood a chance of becoming just a passing fad, is very much here to stay. Internet marketing, which once upon a time was only thought of as a nice enhancement to your ad campaign, has now become a requisite companion to traditional advertising and marketing strategies. We’ve reached a point where today’s business owner simply cannot afford to neglect the internet.

In the 1990s the internet forever altered the ways the world worked, shopped, banked and communicated, and in recent years it has evolved even more. A few short years ago computer pros and IT guys were the only people who knew what SEO was, and now it’s something you absolutely must take seriously if you want to be found in cyberspace. Where Facebook and Twitter were once strictly the stomping grounds of teenagers and whippersnappers, it is now commonplace to see legitimate, well respected businesses like Forbes and GE Tweeting and friending with the best of them.

This is not your daddy’s business world. Internet marketing has morphed from a novelty into a requirement. What with algorithms and search engine optimization and global tracking systems being carried around in the mobile device of every citizen, we have the ability like never before to place information directly into the hands of potential clients. Take advantage of it. Don’t let your business suffer the lonely fate of a dinosaur – get an internet marketing strategy and maybe even get social.