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3 Ways PPC Call Recording Helps Campaigns

PPC call recording

PPC Call Recording: The Best Kept Secret in Pay-Per Click?

When it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, many different strategies and tactics are practiced in order to obtain optimal campaign performance. Many businesses focus on the data from web events and online leads, and rightfully so, since this is where the bulk of our focus goes when implementing and monitoring a PPC campaign. However, if you are ignoring phone calls in your PPC strategy, your campaign is missing out on highly qualified leads and conversions that are not available online. PPC call recording is a useful tool to monitor not only campaign performance, but other areas of your business, as well. Below are three reasons why PPC call recording is crucial to the success of your campaign and your business.

Improve Conversion Rates

According to a study by BIA Kelsey, inbound phone calls are 10 to15 times more likely into convert to revenue than web events. Additionally, consumers tend to convert more quickly after completing a phone call. This data proves that consumers who make the effort to call your business are more likely to follow through with a purchase, as they have most likely completed their research in determining which company is best suited to fulfill their needs. This can also help to discover new keyword ideas

Evaluate Employees and their Customer Service

Being able to listen to phone calls gives you the ability to evaluate and monitor how your company stacks up when it comes to customer service. You can identify areas or employees that need improvement and will be able to take action. PPC call recording also allows you to determine what sales techniques are working, so you can incorporate them into other areas of your marketing and customer service methods.

Improve Lead Tracking

If you’re not recording and tracking phone calls from your PPC campaign, you are depriving your business of valuable lead acquisition information. By monitoring phone calls, you gain a clearer and more accurate representation of leads and where they came from. For example, Google released data that confirmed 70% of mobile searches call directly from the search results. If you are not tracking phone calls, then you could be overlooking the 70% of highly-qualified leads that are in your area and ready to purchase.

Are You Ready to Benefit from PPC Call Recording?

Strategic Marketing has extensive experience in managing pay-per-click campaigns for countless clients across many different sectors.  Our PPC platform, SmartClick, manages PPC campaigns across all major search engines and automatically shifts budgets to obtain the best results and highest ROI. Most importantly, SmartClick allows for complete accountability and reporting of all impressions from web events and phone calls. To learn more about our platform, contact us today by visiting our website or call 561-688-8155.

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