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Political Advertising Part 1

Anyone who follows politics can tell you that Florida is going to once again play a major role, if not the deciding role, in the outcome of the upcoming November elections. Certainly the party leadership and campaign managers are well aware of this, and they are buying up every available minute of broadcast airtime they can. This means that everyone in Florida is being subjected to a non-ending barrage of campaign advertising to the tune of MILLIONS of dollars a day. It seems that the contest doesn’t necessarily go to the most qualified candidate with the most honorable intentions and best judgment; it goes instead to the candidate who can raise the most money to outspend his opponent on political advertising. The incessant fundraising activity is a big burnout factor for even established and reputable elected officials. U.S. Senator Tom Eagleton of Missouri said that one of the reasons he didn’t run for reelection in 1986 was because he was having to spend so much time raising money at the expense of properly representing his constituents.

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