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Political Advertising Part 4

So how do we fix this problem? Here’s a start:

  1.  Establish limits on campaign spending,
  2. Eliminate political action committees,
  3. Make it unlawful for a candidate to mention his or her opponent,
  4. Do away with the political rate card, and make every candidate pay the same as any other advertiser.

This is easier said than done, because the only people with the power to institute those changes are on the receiving end of this sweetheart deal. It’s not likely any of them will be interested in sponsoring a bill to reform political campaign advertising, until they all get collectively sick of the fundraising it takes to support it. So until November 6, about the only way to avoid all the obnoxious political ads is to watch DVDs and listen to music on your iPod. If enough people stop listening to radio and stop watching TV, maybe the broadcasters will get the message and do something to put an end to it.