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Political Advertising Part 3

Not many people outside of the fields of politics and broadcast advertising know this dirty little secret, but it’s a federal law that political candidates are entitled to buy airtime at the lowest unit rate. Every station has a political rate card that itemizes the lowest rate for each time period, and that’s what the candidates and political action committees pay. What about regular advertisers, who advertise twelve months out of the year, every year for many years? They pay more, and their schedules are preempted to make time for political spots that cost less. This hurts local businesses that depend on advertising to drive traffic into their stores. Negative political advertising is a runaway train that is increasing voter apathy and is detrimental to loyal local advertisers. The only winners here are the broadcast stations who are raking in the millions of dollars in airtime, but not necessarily the stations’ sales reps whose livelihoods depend on having airtime inventory to sell to local advertisers.

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