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Now That’s How You Tell a Story

A good advertising campaign needs to tell a story. Kraft is doing a great job telling a story with its newest Jell-O TV commercial. The spot is the first in a series meant to revive Kraft’s dessert sales, which have been in decline in the last 12 months.* It features a father telling his son about how Jell-O makes his life just a little bit better. It’s well-cast and well-written, and it’s funny and entertaining enough that the viewer can become lost for 45 seconds in the story and forget that it’s even a commercial. This could have been a commercial for anything, but it just happened to be about Jell-O. It did what all good advertising campaigns do – it told a good story.

*It’s not just Kraft experiencing a downswing; people just don’t eat dessert the way their parents and grandparents did, and NPD, a consumer market research firm, reports that dinners that include dessert are at a 25-year low.