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Nivea Protecting Kids All Over the World

When you’re taking your children to the pool or the beach sunscreen is that last thing on their mind. They want to cannon ball into the pool or dive into the ocean. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with your toddler while you’re catching some rays but Nivea is here to help. Kids do not know the importance of SPF or sticking close to the shore but parents do!

A new ad by Nivea took home the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity Grand Prix Award for the Mobile category. Nivea skincare is taking travel safety to the next level while pairing kid’s sunscreen with mobile tracking bracelets. There will be locator strip ads in each of your favorite magazines. Each strip is made with a water resistant adhesive which is reusable and can be adjusted to any wrist size. You download the app and put in the tracking number and can immediately know the where about of your children. The tracker will alert you if your child has gone out of the “safety zone” so you will know to make sure they move closer to your range of vision.

The commercial takes place in Brazil in light of the World Cup. Many tourists and travelers will be gathering in once remote destinations creating a hustle and bustle that might be hard to find your child. With soft background music and no words, the ad forces the viewer to focus in on it. It’s an easy and effective way to locate your children while also being protected by UV rays.

Now when you look up from your book you can be at ease and see your little boy or girl is right where you left them, enjoying their day in the sun. It’s just another way for Nivea to say, that with their kids sunscreen with SPF 60, you can rest assure your kids are covered.