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Mobile SEO Increases Business

mobile seo successAs important as it is to show up in search engine results on desktop searches, it’s even more important to appear in mobile search results. More people are searching while on-the-go, and if your business is not showing up in maps and mobile search results, it’s missing out on many prospective customers and potential sales. Of course, with mobile search engine optimization, or mobile SEO, there are a number of different strategies that need to be taken into consideration to not only show up in mobile search results, but to win the clicks of mobile searchers.


Step 1: Local Search Management – Make Sure Customers Find Your Business

Most businesses depend on local customers for leads and sales. These customers are typically ones who find businesses through search engines, maps, online business directories, aftermarket GPS and various portals, such as Citysearch. Local search management is important to mobile SEO practices because it targets prospective customers who are located near your business and while they are actively searching on their mobile devices.

Ensuring your business listing has accurate and consistent information, such as your business name, address and phone number, will help to improve your ranking in search results. More specifically, Google shows preference to businesses that have a Google+ business page which can help your business show up in Google Maps, and since the map results are listed above organic search results, you’ll want to make sure your business is visible on local map results.


Step 2: Be Mobile-Friendly – Make Sure Customers Enjoy Their Experience

There’s no way around mobile optimization when it comes to succeeding in mobile SEO. As a business owner, you want to ensure that prospective customers who land on your website while on a mobile device have an enjoyable experience. This is ultimately one of the major factors that decide whether or not they will contact you or visit your store, and in a world where the majority of consumers are researching businesses on mobile devices, it is crucial that exceptional customer service begins with your website.

Optimizing for mobile not only helps retain online users, but search engines recognize mobile-friendly websites and list those higher in the mobile search results. Mobile optimization refers to the design, structure and speed of your website to make sure that it is not turning away mobile visitors. Generally speaking, your website should offer fast load times and be able to adjust to various different screen sizes that mobile searchers are utilizing. There are a number of other technical elements that have to be taken into consideration, such as flash plugins, pop-ups and rich snippets, so it is best to seek a professional.


Step 3: Content is Still King – Be Unique and Increase Your Customer Base

Compelling content and engaging ads are the key to winning over consumers and greatly contribute to the success of mobile SEO. Since mobile searchers are looking to find specific information right away, you want to make sure your content and ads are informative and to-the-point. For instance, use keywords and metadata that targets a specific location to ensure you’re ads are attracting local consumers. Provide clear explanations of your product or service while attracting customers with a trait that makes your business unique from your competitors.


Let Strategic Marketing Handle Your Mobile SEO

Every business strives to be #1 in search rankings, but with more variables affecting the search results and fewer results per page, mobile SEO is often harder to master than standard SEO. Luckily, Strategic Marketing has extensive experience in content creation, mobile optimization and many other areas that are huge factors in the success of mobile SEO, such as local search management.

Our local SEO program, SmartList, offers a cost-effective and time-saving solution to local search management and helps businesses build a vast online presence that mobile users can easily find. Our program maximizes your visibility in online maps, online directories and underlying organic listings. SmartList allows your business information to be consistently managed across more than 300 publishers, so you can spend more of your time running your business.

To learn more about SmartList or any of our other mobile SEO services, contact us today! We’d love to get your business the online recognition that it deserves.

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