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Media Buying During Political Season

We are less than four months from the 2012 Presidential Elections, and political media buying is at an all-time high.  As of right now, the combined dollars spent on advertising by presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is just shy of the $100 million mark, and that is sure to ascend much higher.  While political campaign season can mean big bucks for media organizations, it can lead to a tight market for just about everyone else looking to purchase advertising space.

So, in this challenging media buying environment, how can you assure great placement for your advertising?

  • Plan early.  Waiting until the last minute to purchase ad space can affect your chances of a successful media buy.  During election season, politicians are looking to purchase large quantities of ad space in a wide range of markets.  Getting ahead of political media planners is your surest bet at gaining the advantage.
  • Always have a backup plan.  Scheduled ads easily get shifted during election season, with media networks being obligated to clear ads for politicians at the lowest rates available.  Therefore, it is important that marketers have alternatives to their main media buying strategy.  During the media planning process, analyze the best alternative media and establish your backup plan.
  • Avoid planning ads during key election times.  Historically, the last two weeks in October in an election year is the most popular time for political advertising.  High demand during these key times forces prices to skyrocket.  Low inventory in the market increases the possibility that your ad will get bumped by a high paying political candidate or Super PAC.

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