McDonald’s Wins Cannes Marketer of the Year - Strategic Marketing

McDonald’s Wins Cannes Marketer of the Year

For almost 60 years, McDonald’s has been the leading international fast food chain arguably due to marketing. At this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the Golden Arches took home the prestigious award of “Creative Marketer of The Year.” Since its first Cannes Gold Lion in 1979, McDonald’s continues to run successful advertising and marketing campaigns winning 77 awards in the last 35 years.

Lions Festival CEO Philip Thomas said, it “consistently places creativity at the heart of its advertising and communications.” McDonald’s is constantly changing its marketing approaches by holding regular “creative review board” meetings where all of their markets and agencies discuss their work and use a peer-to-peer evaluation method. This is how they continue to run famous and successful campaigns like “Little Sister” or “The Showdown” – featuring big NBA stars Michael Jordan and Larry Byrd having a shooting contest over a Big Mac. Even just last year, McDonald’s surprised fans in Australia by renaming all 13 franchises “Maccas” which is Aussie slang for infamous brand.

According to The Wall Street Journal, McDonald’s has recently seen its biggest decrease in sales since 2003. What does this mean going forward for their marketing strategy? Hopefully, we see another iconic ad like the “Singing Fish” with the catchy Filet O’Fish song.