Why is it Necessary to Have a Brand Strategy? Every business should develop a long-term plan to help their brand succeed. The brand should be defined with consumer needs, sales journey and competition in mind.  Without a brand strategy it is difficult to meet goals or even know where to start.  One simple way to

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The simple answer is when your social media management begins to take too much time from managing your business or it is not experiencing growth. Social media is an important communication tool that allows a business to get in front of customers. An active social media program allows you to introduce new products and services,

voice search

People are relying on voice search more and more these days, and it is essential that local businesses are set up so they get included voice search. It’s believed that two out of five adults use voice search daily and it is expected that half of most searches will move from the keyboard to voice. 

in-house marketing vs. agency

The age-old debate of using in-house marketing vs. an agency is still being discussed because marketing is ever evolving.  Take a look at how COVID-19 has changed the way businesses are marketing now. Brick and mortar businesses are finding the value of online marketing and are ramping up their marketing efforts to improve traffic to

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