Social engagement is going to be the key to cultivating a true following on your business social media profiles. Many businesses have finally come around to establishing a social media presence online but are failing to engage with their followers, or other social media users, in a meaningful way. Social engagement is any kind of

branding strategies and manual

9 Branding Strategies That Work

There is a reason why you will never confuse Walmart and Target or mistake Chick-fil-A for McDonald’s. These companies go through great trouble to develop branding strategies that are woven into the fabric of their operations, sales, and marketing. Cohesive branding will increase your credibility, reputation, recognizability and overall awareness of your product or service

Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility

We have just updated the Strategic Marketing website with new web accessibility tools. This enables visually-impaired viewers several ways to adapt how our website is displayed to make reading the content and navigating the site easier. If your website does not yet have this feature, we will be happy to help you to implement it.

video marketing

Create Video Marketing Campaigns

If you haven’t started using video marketing as a consistent component of your campaigns, then you are likely behind your competitors. Thanks in large part to social media, video content consumption has been on the rise for several years and is now crucial to your paid campaigns. Not just ANY video either. Marketers, business owners

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