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Create Video Marketing Campaigns

If you haven’t started using video marketing as a consistent component of your campaigns, then you are likely behind your competitors. Thanks in large part to social media, video content consumption has been on the rise for several years and is now crucial to your paid campaigns. Not just ANY video either. Marketers, business owners

Local SEO

Local SEO: Get More Customers

Help Customers Find Your Services with Local SEO The same way you want to find a prime physical location for your brick-and-mortar business, you should strive to have a prime location in search results online. Local customers tend to be higher converting and more loyal than other traffic that you may draw to your website.

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There are a variety of forecasts for the future of eCommerce in 2021 but the one thing we all know for sure – it’s booming. The convenience and ease of online shopping has prompted a surge in online purchase habits from consumers. Coupled with the pandemic, 2020 has seen some of the highest-recorded numbers for

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2021 SEO Trends

SEO is changing in 2021.  While some SEO strategies will remain, Google will be looking at SEO in a whole new way to rank pages. It is time to prepare for the upcoming 2021 SEO trends now before the update is released next year. Get Ready for Google’s Update in 2021 Google plans on releasing

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