Taglines Set the Tone for Your Brand Identity What is a Tagline? A tagline gives a voice to your brand.  It’s the immediate message your customer learns about your business.  Having a tagline is an easy way to set the tone of your brand identity and every brand should have one. So, what is a

Personal Branding Strategies

Your personal brand is your story. Similar to how corporate brands communicate value to the customer, a personal brand does the same for the individual. Businesses, influencers, coaches, actors and many others benefit from personal branding. This paints a picture for others of what your values are, what you stand for, how you communicate, your

Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and pushy sales websites. Today’s consumers and the search engines they use are looking for relevance, content and value. It is imperative to engage your audience and develop a strong web presence to build trust with your users. These measures will hopefully convert them to customers. The main

Social engagement is going to be the key to cultivating a true following on your business social media profiles. Many businesses have finally come around to establishing a social media presence online but are failing to engage with their followers, or other social media users, in a meaningful way. Social engagement is any kind of

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