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When More Is Always Better: Local Listings Boost SEO and Get You Found in More Places

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Boost SEO with Local Listings

If your business is not showing up in local search results, you could be missing out on new leads and prospective customers who are actively searching for your product or service. Local listing management boosts your existing search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, increasing your rankings among search results and online business directories while growing your business. By managing your local listings, you are ensuring that your business is showing up to local prospects when they’re actively looking for you.

According to comScore, 82% of local searches result in a phone call or store visit, while 61% ultimately result in a purchase. This means that online users searching locally for your product or service have high intent to purchase, so you want to make sure your business appears as frequently and highly ranked as possible in search results. Local listing management can be intimidating for many small businesses and start-ups because you need to be familiar with a few standard SEO practices and the vast number of factors that affect local SEO results, as well.

Simply put, virtually all local businesses, regardless of industry, can improve their online marketing efforts, increase leads and earn more sales through local listing management. Below are reasons why local SEO and local listing management should be incorporated into your online marketing campaigns.

  • Increased Search Engine Rankings & Higher Conversion Rates

Managing local listings includes a number of factors, such as social media links, online reviews and mobile responsiveness. Since these are also factors that contribute to organic search success, local search management can help boost your existing SEO marketing efforts. Ensuring your business listings are accurate and contain correct on-page information, citations and links, means your business is more likely to appear in both local and organic search results. Ranking higher among search results can also increase conversion rates. Local SEO allows search engines and online directories, such as Citysearch, Yelp and the Yellow Pages, to promote your business when it really counts. By managing your local listings, you can make sure that prospective customers who are in need of your product or service are able to contact you or visit a store location instantaneously. By making it easy to find or contact your business, the chance of converting leads with high purchase intent greatly increases.

  • Greater Return on Investment

Many local listing management services are low-cost and high-exposure. In other words, your marketing dollars are not wasted on low-intent leads. You are better able to reach prospective customers when they need you. By performing actions such as claiming your business on Google, you’re also adding your business to hundreds of other online directories. This makes local SEO and local listing management highly efficient and cost effective.

Our Local Listings Services

Strategic Marketing has the solution for building a vast online presence. Our proprietary program, SmartList, was designed to maximize our clients’ presence on an array of databases that range from online maps and directory listings to organic search engine results. SmartList allows your business’s information to be managed accurately across more than 300 publishers, saving you time and money.

We have offered local SEO and local listings management for a number of clients, and we can provide the same level of success for your business. If you’re ready to increase your business’s exposure, contact us today to learn more. We can help your business gain more leads and conversions at a fraction of the cost of other marketing strategies. To read more about SmartList or to request a demo, click here!

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