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Keep it Clean, Kids

Lee and Morty Kaufman are getting a lot of attention lately. At 90 years old, Mr. and Mrs. Kaufman are the real-life couple and stars of Procter & Gamble’s “Swiffer Effect” TV commercial that features the couple dancing, Swiffering and just generally being adorable. Consumers are certainly enjoying the spot; it’s been viewed over 5 million times online. Mrs. Kaufman cleans while Mr. Kaufman naps, and the two banter back and forth like we imagine they have been doing for the 44 years they have been married. In an Advertising Age interview, Mr. Kaufman says that people they haven’t heard from in years have seen the spot and contacted them. He says, “We’re popular!” The proof of how well the spot performs will be in the Swiffer sales receipts, but for now, Lee and Morty Kaufman are enjoying the spotlight with Swiffer’s great effect on their social standing.