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Is Social Media Turning Email Into the New Snail Mail?

Depending on who you talk to, you might be told that email is either the handiest tool ever invented or that it is a life-sucking monster that has taken over our everyday existence. Most people think of it as something in between – sort of a handy life-sucking monster. For marketers it has been an effective method for reaching a targeted audience. However, some people are wondering, with the growing popularity of social media, is email on its way to becoming outdated? Not just yet.

Email is still more widely used than social media. According to an article in CFO magazine, there are more people checking their email than checking in with social networking sites. Even more compelling is the fact that email marketing generally has a higher conversion rate than social media. Someone who opted in to your email list is likely to be more interested in your product than someone who noticed a friend “liked” you on Facebook and then decided to like you, as well.

The emerging school of thought is that while social media can be a nice enhancement to your advertising and marketing strategy, it has not proven effective as a stand-alone method. Having a large pool of people who follow you on social media sites can be useful for building brand recognition and engaging your audience, and it’s certainly not going to hurt, but it’s not yet demonstrated to be the best way to make your cash register ring.

The takeaway: simply reaching a lot of people is not enough; you have to reach people who are interested in what you are selling. Social media has yet to muscle email out of the way.