Review Generation + Reputation Management

SmartRep is a proprietary review generation and reputation management tool that allows your clients or franchisees to maximize the value of positive customer experiences by giving people a quick and easy way to leave online feedback. Many companies recognize the value of positive online reputations and the harm negative reviews can have on their business, but they don’t know where or how to get started managing their reputation. SmartRep aggregates reviews from around the web, automates the customer survey process and ensures that the best reviews make it to third-party websites.

SmartRep can help your clients and franchisees easily manage their reputations through the following dynamic features:

  • Automates the customer feedback process, monitors progress and reminds those that haven’t submitted a review
  • Monitors your overall score across all the important review sites, including Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook and many more
  • Solicits happy customers who leave positive reviews to go one step further and share the review on third-party review sites important to your business
  • Reaches out to unhappy customers who leave negative reviews to resolve their issues and identify problem areas in your company
  • Evaluates employee performance by tying customer reviews to specific employees and pulling reports that can be filtered by employee, rating and time period
  • Distributes the management of your customer database by creating unique, limited-access logins for employees with their assigned customers already linked to them

Search Engines Listen to Consumers

Now that search engines factor them into search results, having positive consumer reviews has become more important than ever before. In addition to providing an easy-to-use solution that fulfills review generation and reputation management needs from end to end, SmartRep is completely customizable so that you can tailor it to best fit your clients’ or franchisee’s needs. We provide default settings for all of our customizable options, but the platform’s real power lies in its flexibility. In building this solution, our objective was to create a system that was both feature-rich and highly versatile to meet even the most specific requirements. SmartRep is the perfect white-label solution to offer your clients and franchisees, is ready to use as soon as you log in and is quickly and easily rebranded to represent your business. Get started working on your reputation in as little as 10 minutes. SmartRep features include:

  • Editable customer feedback page that can feature any content needed to communicate your branding, messaging or feedback strategy
  • Template manager for designing and saving multiple customized email templates assignable to review campaigns with a single click
  • All email contact with customers is automated and includes the initial email, reminder emails, positive & negative response emails, notification emails and more
  • Easy-to-use tool for adding and removing suggested websites where satisfied customers can share reviews
  • Positive and negative response flows can be customized by setting a star rating level that is considered to be positive
  • Completely customizable dashboard, from color scheme to logo to URL, for creating a fully white-labeled experience for your clients or franchisees


SmartRep is powered by ClickForce

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