Importance of Customer Experience to Business: Part 1

Importance of Customer Experience to Business: Part 1

importance of customer experience

Marketing and advertising have evolved over the past decade, and with businesses honing in on data and tactics that can increase numbers and drive sales, it can be easy for the numbers to drown out the voice of your customer. If your business fails to listen to its customer, it could be preventing your brand from standing out and being chosen over your competitors. Now more than ever, businesses should be focused on the importance of customer experience, because this is ultimately what will drive sales and revenue for your business in a highly competitive marketplace.

The Importance of Customer Experience to Your Business’s Success

Customer experience is more than just in-store or over-the-phone interaction between your business and its customers. Customer experience involves every step that the customer goes through in the buying process, from discovery through a sale and all the way to brand loyalty. While customer service is more of a transactional relationship, customer experience looks at all aspects before and after a sale that connects customers to your brand. Below are a few reasons why your brand should be focused on the importance of customer experience.

Customers Associate Experiences with Brands

Good or bad, customers will equate their experience of purchasing from your company with your brand’s image. Everything from your online presence to the layout of your store and behavior of your employees will play a part in the purchase cycle. If any one aspect causes negative feelings with a customer, it is a direct reflection on your entire brand and you will most likely lose the sale. Consequently, customers may assume that the same problem will happen again because they are associating certain problems with your brand, costing you future business as well.

Word of Mouth Spreads Fast (Especially Online)

Between online reviews and social media, customers have a plethora of tools available to them online to voice their opinions. With the popularity of social media and the credibility of online reviews to consumers, it’s not a matter of if unhappy customers voice their opinions, but when. Bad customer experiences often fuel negative reviews, which can be detrimental to your brand reputation if you do not have a reputation management strategy in place. You can’t prevent customers from posting negative feedback; however, going above and beyond to fix a bad experience allows you to potentially win back the customer and show other prospective customers that you truly care about their experience with your brand.

Good Customer Experience Often Leads to Brand Loyalty

Customers will often commit to brands they know will do right by them and provide them with a pleasant and rewarding experience. For many businesses, a large portion of sales and revenue come from recurring customers. It is for this reason that a good customer experience is especially important. Apple, for example, is known for valuing their customers and their retail experience. Because of this, many consumers choose to buy Apple products at a higher price and remain loyal to that brand for many years.

Strategic Marketing Knows the Importance of Customer Experience

If there’s one thing you can count on in marketing and advertising, it’s that it will always be changing. However, what won’t change is the importance of customer experience to the success of your business. Here at Strategic Marketing, we know how important is it for your business to cater to its customers, but we also know how time consuming and difficult it can be to do on your own.

For years, we have helped businesses with both traditional and digital advertising tactics that reflect their brand values while helping them to provide a better overall experience for their customers. For more information about how we can improve your brand’s customer experience, contact us today or visit the Services page on our website to see what we have to offer. Our reputation management software, SmartRep, is just one of many tools that can help your brand repair or create positive customer experiences. Contact us today!

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