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How to Begin Planning Your 2015 Marketing Strategy

It’s time to begin planning your marketing strategy for 2015 – don’t procrastinate! Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing executive for a corporation, gather a few of your most insightful team members, advisors and/or colleagues for a meeting of the minds. 102314 whiteboard in process

Set the stage to get the creative juices flowing. When you schedule the discussion, alert each person that this is Big Picture Planning and why you want each of them on your strategy team. If possible, gather outside of the daily work environment. Bring good food. Keep dialogue moving through your agenda items (listed) and end on time.

Set your goal –For most of us, the goal is simply “Increase Business.” Here’s how to take the first steps:

1. Identify your Target Audience – Who are your existing best customers? Find the similarities among them – this is your target persona. Where will you find more customers like this? Brainstorm to make a list. Do you have new products or services that your current customers don’t yet know about? Make this list, too. Easy increase – sell more to your existing customers.

2. Celebrate the Unique You – What is your unique selling proposition (USP)? Identify everything that sets you apart from your competitors. List these strengths. Brainstorm how your strengths translate to a message about who you are as a business – your brand. Be expansive, with the intention to fine tune later. A great example is Volvo – they’ve made their brand synonymous with one word – “safety.” This happened through a process, not one meeting.

3. Change is a Constant – What message are you currently sending to the world? Is it aligned with your USP? Look at all your current marketing tactics and ask “Where are the weak links?”

4. Dollars and Sense – Have you been measuring your marketing ROI? In 2014, where did you get the most bang for your buck? These tactics should continue on next year’s plan. Discuss how to divide the 2015 budget by percentages among the categories of collateral, branding, media, digital and public relations. Resist the urge to get into detail – remember, this is big picture planning.

Congratulations! You’ve effectively started your 2015 Marketing Strategy. Now, keep your momentum going! For more info on detailing your marketing strategy, measuring your efforts and ensuring you reach your goals in 2015, call us at Strategic Marketing today for a consultation.