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How the U.S. Celebrates the World Cup

Americans across the country are celebrating team U.S.A. in a big way with huge viewing parties, restaurant specials and social media engagement. Big cities in America, like San Francisco and Chicago, are making it easy for you to catch the big game.

For the U.S.A. versus Ghana grudge match, the citizens of Chicago were able to view the game in Grant Park. It was a free party with food, beverages and entertainment for all soccer fans, with an appearance by Grammy award-winning artist, Lupe Fiaso. Fans sat down and enjoyed the festivities while watching the big game on a 19 by 33 foot high definition television. There will be two other big viewing parties in Chicago for the games against Portugal on June 22nd and Germany four days later.

Big tech companies in Silicon Valley like Twitter and LinkedIn are catching World Cup fever and are having viewing parties in their offices. Known for gourmet meals and hair salons onsite, these social media moguls are encouraging staff to follow this year’s World Cup. Evernote, a digital note-taking software company, is even dishing up Brazilian favorites for its employees to get in the soccer spirit.

World Cup fever is spreading and viewership in America is up 7% since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Catch team U.S.A’s next big match up June 22nd as they take on world-renowned soccer player Christiano Ronaldo’s team, Portugal.