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How is Your Brand Identity Being Perceived by Customers?

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How to Maintain a Consistent Brand Identity

Your brand image and identity are one of the most important elements of your business. Developing a distinguishable brand identity should be top-of-mind when building a branding strategy. Your brand includes many attributes, from your logo and tagline, to key messaging and positioning. With so many components to keep in mind across so many different channels such as email, multiple social media platforms and various print outlets, it is easy for inconsistencies to develop in your brand’s identity. This can make it difficult for customers to develop a positive and desirable impression of your business, impeding on the results of your branding strategies.

Consistency helps improve audience recall, making it a crucial factor to your branding and corporate identity building strategies. Developing a brand with consistent messaging and imagery is the most effective way to create a memorable and trusted corporate identity. Whether using online or offline branding techniques, a cohesive brand identity will encourage your target audience to engage with your brand.



The content you share through your social media, website, advertisements and blogs should be consistent in tone. For example, does your brand use humor or do you need to appeal to a more serious audience? This aspect of brand identity is closely related to your content marketing and social media marketing strategies. When developing content and messaging material, how you write and the way that you convey your brand’s message depends on the platform or channel you’re communicating through. Social media, for example, has varying outlets, each appealing to their own slightly different demographics, while your website and blogs allow for a more in-depth and informative communication channel to a broader audience.


A well-planned messaging strategy will convey the appropriate tone and message of your brand while taking into account your audience. To further reinforce your brand identity, your tagline should be displayed across all platforms, such as social media platforms, your website, and appropriate print collateral. To keep a cohesive brand identity, your tagline should deliver your brand’s message in the same tone that is used in all other pieces of content.


The face of your brand is your logo. A good way to increase audience recall of your brand is to accompany your content with your logo. Additionally, all areas of your marketing campaign should complement your logo design. The layout, colors and imagery you use in your marketing designs need to reflect your brand’s personality and message. For example, keep a consistent color scheme across all social media platforms and make sure your logo is included in similar contexts.


This idea of visual consistency is not limited to the digital marketplace. While your website and other digital design, such as on your social media platforms and display ads, need to reflect solidity, the imagery and color schemes should be similar on your business cards, stationary items and other print collateral, as well. This will give your brand identity a well-rounded and more authoritative image both online and offline.


Your Brand Identity is Important – The Benefits of Consistent Branding

A consistent brand identity will not only make your brand stand out in your customers’ minds when thinking about your product or service, but will increase your authority and distinguish you from competitors. Strategic Marketing specializes in branding and corporate identity building. Whether your branding strategies need some maintenance or you are a startup in need a full branding strategy, we can help. To get started on developing a corporate identity that sets you apart, contact us today.

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