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Make the best move and become a Strategic Marketing client. You’ll be in great company.

Celebrating 30 years of

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Market expertise for a well-planned attack.

Regardless of industry, every business needs to have a marketing plan in place in order to increase brand awareness and drive revenue.

Our calculated creativity is your advantage.

Our creative approach is about more than just making something pretty to look at. We take pride in telling each client’s story in a compelling way.

Media domination is our best defense.

Toss away your preconceived notions about media. Strategic Marketing is all about connecting you to the consumer through old ways, new ways, and ways you may have never imagined.

Innovation. Initiative. Imagination. Results.

Strategic Marketing started as a traditional advertising agency in 1992, but we have always been on the forefront when it comes to embracing new technologies.

Why are we the best advertising agency, West Palm Beach?

Great marketing isn’t made of taking unrelated advertising tactics and throwing them against the wall to see what sticks. It’s about creating a singular message that resonates with your target audience and putting it in front of them through varied but synergistic methods. Great marketing is the result of taking a strategic approach, and this is where we stand head and shoulders above the competition. Here are just some of the strategic marketing services we offer:
Media comes in many flavors, each with its own advantages. Does your campaign call for massive frequency? Perhaps radio is the right choice. Maybe you need a more targeted approach? Then let’s look at some streaming services. Perhaps you just want to get your message in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Even today no other medium comes close to TV. You don’t need to answer those questions alone. Here are just some of the media marketing solutions we offer:
Distinguishing your business from the competition isn’t easy if you aren’t distinct from them. We position our clients apart from their competitors through the right mix of clever messaging, dynamic design, and compelling advertising. We can deliver one-off creative projects or take your business from brand development through complete commercial production, as well as every step in between. Here are just some of the creative marketing services we offer:
Digital marketing has come a long way from basic text ads on Google and Yahoo!. It offers a whole ecosystem of targeted marketing tactics, from search engine domination, to interactive rich media ads, to promotion by taste-making bloggers. While we provide all of those services and more, your digital marketing efforts will still center around having an engaging and modern website. Fortunately, we create those, too. Here are just some of the digital marketing solutions we offer:
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Become a Strategic Marketing Client. You'll be in Good Company.