Has a Pasta Cooker Ever Changed Anybody’s Life? - Strategic Marketing

Has a Pasta Cooker Ever Changed Anybody’s Life?

Hyperbolic sales claims are nothing new. Since the dawn of civilization people have been confronted with questionable claims meant to persuade them into a purchase. Shoppers in the marketplaces of ancient Greece probably didn’t believe the sandal salesman who insisted that he just bought these sandals for his mother last week, and today’s consumers are no more easily swayed yet. They are bombarded with advertisements no matter where they turn. As an advertiser, sometimes the best way to be heard through all the noise is to speak quietly. A simple, believable message can sometimes reach more people than a loud and lofty one.

Some products naturally lend themselves toward dazzling creative concepts, but many can benefit from a simply delivered message. If a pasta cooker is really going to change a life, it has to be one spectacular pasta cooker. It’s more likely that the product will just save time and work in the kitchen, and maybe will hold up well in the dishwasher, and maybe that’s all that needs to be said. Some people are offended by brash, loud commercials and will change the channel during a particularly raucous commercial break, and then the message is lost entirely. If your product is good and your service is reliable, consumers will welcome it into their lives.