Great Creative vs. Great Media Buying - Which is More Important

Great Creative vs. Great Media Buying – Which is More Important

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to see it, did it really happen? And if an ad agency churns out really great creative and nobody ever sees it, is it actually effective? The answer is no; great creative without strategic media placement just doesn’t work. The fact is, bad creative expertly placed is more effective than great creative poorly placed.

To be considered great, creative must be clever, funny, cool or cute, but to be effective, it has to reach an audience. Even memorable creative doesn’t always lead to brand recognition because a commercial can rival a Spielberg film in creativity and production value, but without an effective media plan, it will be a complete waste of resources. Some creative agencies are more interested in using their clients’ money to win awards than they are in securing award-winning spots, but from the clients’ perspective, a straightforward message that is not extraordinarily creative is much more effective in generating results than even the coolest creative is. Creative might be king when it comes to winning a Clio, but what good is a message if nobody receives it?