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Google Removes Text Ads from Right Side of SERP

2512148775_2676e1fba1_oIn February of 2016, Google confirmed it is removing ads that are shown on the right side of desktop search results. This means the total number of text ads that can appear on a SERP will shrink from as many as 11 to a maximum of seven. With less real estate available we expected to see a rise in CPC, yet so far, there have not been any major changes.
Changes like this reinforce the value of working with SmartClick due to our publisher agnostic approach. We have the ability to dynamically distribute a campaign budget to the best performing publishers at any given time.

SmartLink (or Strategic) will be closely monitoring campaign performance at Google to confirm the impact of this change. We will continue fine-tuning our optimization technology and campaign management best practices to ensure your advertisers are receiving the best ROI from their campaigns.

Below is a summary of the changes Google anticipates:

  • Google has removed right-hand ads except for product listing ads, which will continue to be displayed above and on the right of search results
  • Google may show four ads (rather than three) for what it calls “highly commercial queries” that show an intent to purchase
  • Three text ads will continue to be shown below organic search results


As always we will be providing transparent reporting, and your PPC manager will keep an eye on your bids and budgets; keeping an eye on average position and bidding for the performance we want to see in a successful campaign. We are not suggesting any changes being made unless we see that it’s necessary.

One aspect of your digital marketing strategy that may need extra attention due to this change is actually your organic listings. Pump up the SEO because the organic listings are shifting further down the page due to the four text ads. Websites which have ranked above the fold before, may now appear below it. True to form, organic listings can be unpredictable, but SEO experts are wary this change will put even more pressure on organic results.

As always, we recommend a three-pronged approach to your Search Engine Results Page strategy. You should be focused on running both paid search and organic optimization efforts for your business in addition to updating your local listings which appear in the Maps section of the SERP.

As your digital experts we’re always here to help. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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